Doug Bryant

Tech thoughts and notes

OSCON 2005 Keynote

Over the keynote was just OK. Not terribly exciting.

Tim O’Reilly is an awsome speaker as always. He seemed to keep it short this time for some reason. one thing he said that struck a chord, was once you create an standard, values moves up the stack. He believes opensource is doing this now, moving up the stack of standards (hardware).

Next up was Kim Polase (think I got her last name right). Good speaker but did not need to be delivering something as part of the keynote. Her talk seemed to be a plug for Spikesource.

Next up was Andrew Morton, linux kernel hacker extradonaire for OSDN. Difficult to understand b/c of how he spoke into the mic. Definitely a developer. Spoke a little in a drone about the integration of opensource and the commercial world.

Lastly was an interview with Jonathan Schwartz. Says he is happy to see an opensource implementation of Java (apache harmony project) but license for Java will not be open b/c they don’t want it to fork. Of opensolaris, says there is now no need ot compare big, bad closed source solaris to open linux. Can now compare the features of one to the other since they are both open. And to show that he was not 100% full of shit (maybe that is a little strong) said netbeans has the features it has today because of eclipse.

I think I would have rather have seen Tim give the entire keynote. I did not get much from any of the other speakers.

Update: Introduced myself to David HH (Rails) after keynote. Nice guy. Awsome framework.