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OSCON 2005 - Learning XSLT

This update is late since my server was down during the track. Also my notes were pretty shoddy since there was so much info I was trying to digest plus I was getting sick during the track. My ribs ached and I my teeth were chattering b/c I was so cold. I believe I had a fever. Must have been some kind of virus.

The last time I tried using XSLT, I really, really did not like it. Lots of frustration and curse words. But given that I have to work with XSLT in my current project (to transform word xml templates) I decided to attend. I was going to attend Eric Hatchers Opensource gems, but that talk seemed to be mostly about Lucene and using a few opensource java projects. Interesting but given ruby has changed my interest in java and I need to use XSLT, well…

I’ll spare you my shoddy notes. Have a look at the speakers slides from the class. My notes mostly copied much of what was in the slides anyway. Plus the slides mirror much of what is going to be in the speakers upcoming Oreilly book.

Evan Lenz did an excellent job at presenting XSLT in a clear, very understandable way. I walked away feeling brain overload but feel like I learned something that I can apply.

Background on speaker, Evan Lenz

  • Recommends Michael Kay’s XSLT Programmers Reference
  • Participated on the XSL Working Group for a couple of years
  • Wrote XSLT 1.0 Pocket Reference
  • Preparing for PhD program in Digital Arts and Experimental Media