Doug Bryant

Tech thoughts and notes

OSCON 2005

I just got signed up for OSCON 2005 in Portland. I’m totally stoked. There is a great line up this year.

Some of the tracks I intend to attend… (Very Ruby Heavy)

  • Intro to Ruby w/ Dave Thomas
  • Ruby on Rails: Enjoying the Ride of Programming
  • Learning Ajax
  • Integrate: Building a Site from Open Source Gems
  • Application Development With Firefox and Mozilla
  • WebWork vs. Spring MVC Smackdown
  • States of the Databases
  • Open Office Xml Doc Format
  • SiteMesh: A Simple Approach to Web Site Layout
  • Tapestry In Action
  • Ruby Blocks
  • Pragmatic Project Automation with Ruby
  • Metaprogramming Ruby
  • Dependency Injection: irrelevant?

Holy Cow! I knew it was ruby heavy, but did did not realize how heavy it was until I saw it listed here.