Doug Bryant

Tech thoughts and notes

About Me

I’m an experienced senior software engineer, entrepreneur and technology generalist.

My speciality is full stack web development with a penchant for backend and distributed applications. I’m comfortable and experienced in back-end services, infrastructure automation and front end development.

I’ve worked on projects individually and as part of large and small teams, both on-site and distributed. The majority of projects have been full lifecycle, from requirement gathering to production deployment. I’ve also hired and managed developers.

I follow and believe the tenants of the Agile software development process. Agile is many different things to many different people. I have found releasing early and often allows for rapid feedback on functionality and being able to adapt to changes and what works quickly. Test driven development means confidence in code stability, maintainability, and extensibiliity. Close collaboration with business stake holders results in well defined requirements and expectations of the business and developer. Together, these tenants have yielded successful projects.